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Pr 11/ 14 Rice

Pr 11/ 14 Golden Sella Non-Basmati Rice
Pr 11/ 14 Raw Non-Basmati Rice
Pr 11/ 14 Steam Non-Basmati Rice
Pr 11/ 14 White Creamy Sella Non-Basmati Rice

Cultivated in Northern India, PR 11-14 Non Basmati Rice is known for its distinctively good taste. This version of rice has up to 13% moisture level and maximum 6.9 mm average grain length. High nutritional value, advanced processing method, high purity level and nice aroma are some of the key features of this cereal. As good alternative to basmati rice, these grains are used as main ingredients of authentic cuisines like fried rice and biryani. Due to its gluten free content, PR 11-14 Non Basmati Rice is easy to digest. Long lasting aroma, appetizing taste, long storage life, reasonable price and impurities free content are the key attributes of these grains. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of their purity level, moisture content, nutrients level and shelf life.

Technical Specifications:
  • Purity – 94 % min
  • Natural Admixture – 5 % max
  • Average Grain Length – 6.80 mm
  • Moisture – 12.5 % max
  • Broken – 1 % max
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