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Influence of Basmati rice on India’s Economic Growth

From past few decades, most of the Indian cuisine is based on basmati rice due to its unique flavor and scent. We’ll know about the distinctive qualities of Basmati rice, its historical background, and the top Basmati rice suppliers in India in this blog.


Over 3.5 billion people around the world eat rice every day. Most of them live in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In Asia, people have grown rice for a very long time. Most scientists think that rice was first tamed in India or Southeast Asia. About 3,000 years ago, rice was brought to Japan for the first time. It is possible that the Portuguese brought it to South America in the 1600s.
Right now, China, India, and Indonesia grow more rice than any other country. Outside of Asia, Brazil grows more rice than any other country. Warm and wet places are great for growing rice.

Is Rice Good for You?

Because it’s full of carbs, rice is a great way to get energy. When we work out, these carbs really help us stay going and give us the energy we need every day. There’s a lot of good stuff in brown rice. It’s full of good things for you, like magnesium, manganese, selenium, fiber, and B vitamins.

They say that we should eat whole grains for at least half of the grains we eat. Because it’s made from whole grains, brown rice is a great pick. But white rice is good for you too. It has a lot of folate, which is good for everyone, but especially women who are pregnant.

So, both brown and white rice are good for you and full of good things for you. They give you energy and are good for your health because they contain vitamins and minerals.

The Contribution of Indian Basmati Rice Suppliers to India’s Economic Growth

Basmati rice, also known as the Queen of Rice’s, is a long-grain rice native to the Basmati region of North India. It is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine and is used to make dishes such as biryani and pulao. India is well-known for its aromatic and flavorful basmati rice, which has gained enormous domestic and international acclaim.

The global rice market is expected to reach US$ 356 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 2.6% from 2023 to 2030. Rice consumption has increased slightly in recent years around the world.

In 2021, global rice exports were valued at US$27.13 billion, led by Thailand ($3.3 billion), Vietnam ($3 billion), and India ($9.6 billion). India, the world’s largest exporter, has experienced a CAGR of 14% in export volume and 7% in export value between 2017 and 21.

From April to December 2022-2023, India exported $3.33 billion in basmati rice, with the top three export destinations being Iran ($776.78 million), Saudi Arabia ($666.91 million), and the United Arab Emirates ($236.13 million).

Things to keep in mind while choosing the best Basmati rice suppliers in India

Choosing the top suppliers is not an easy task; it takes research and hard work. Here are some points that will help you in knowing how to choose the best.

Check the Rice Quality: The best Basmati should smell great, have long grains, and stay fluffy when cooked.

Look for Certifications: Good suppliers follow high-quality standards. Check if they have the right certifications.

Reputation Matters: Go for suppliers who have been around for a while and are known for their quality.

Know Where It comes from: It’s great when suppliers are open about where and how they get their rice.

What Are Others Saying: Check out reviews from other buyers to see what they think about the supplier.


The business of supplying Indian basmati rice is still growing. There are many things to do in India, and basmati rice is one of the most popular and valuable goods there. One of those suppliers with better product and service is SHREE KRISHNA EXPORTS.


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